Dealer Policy

We are committed to providing a fair and level playing field for all dealers on our e-commerce platform. Our dealer policy outlines the guidelines and rules that all dealers must adhere to in order to sell products on our platform. By selling on our platform, dealers agree to abide by these policies and any violation may result in the termination of the dealer's account. 
Dealer Policy

Dealers who wish to sell products or services through our website must meet our eligibility requirements, which may include a minimum level of experience in the industry or a certain volume of sales.


Dealers must register with our website and provide accurate and up-to-date information, including their business name, address, contact information, and tax ID number.

Product Listings

Dealers must accurately describe their products or services and provide complete and truthful information about pricing, availability, and shipping options.

Sales and Payment

Dealers are responsible for setting their own prices and handling all sales transactions with customers. All payments must be processed through our website, and we may charge a commission or transaction fee on each sale.

Shipping and Fulfillment

Dealers are responsible for fulfilling orders and shipping products to customers in a timely and professional manner. Dealers must provide accurate shipping information and comply with our shipping policies.

Product Quality and Returns

Dealers are responsible for the quality and accuracy of their products or services. Customers may request returns or refunds for products that do not meet their expectations or are damaged during shipping. Dealers must comply with our return policies and promptly resolve any customer complaints or disputes.


We reserve the right to terminate or suspend any dealer's account for any reason, including non-compliance with our policies or failure to meet our eligibility requirements.

Changes to Policy

We may update or modify this dealer policy at any time. Dealers should review the policy periodically to stay informed of any changes.